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 linear antistatic brushes
linear antistatic brushes Antistatic Brush forniture per l’industria gelmini Linear Antistatic Brushes. Spazzola antistatica. Viene utilizzata in tutti i casi dove occorre scaricare elettrostaticamente superfici piane, come bobine di tessuto, plastica, film, lastre, pannelli. Richiede la sola messa a terra, efficace a 5/10 mm dal materiale.

 antistatic brush - koti | en - industrial and technical brushes
In order to make sure the process goes smoothly, it is necessary to control the static electricity and prevent it. KOTI antistatic brushes can be of service to this. These brushes are frequently used in copy machines, ATM’s, cutting machines, printing press, laminating machines and paper cardboard manufacturing. Back to products.

 antistatic brushes, ideal for discharging static energy - formseal
Antistatic Brush. £ 40.00 excl. VAT. Manufactured using stainless steel yard, ideal for discharging static energy. Hairs can be cut to length. Supplied in 1m lengths with a 15mm trim and have integral backing tape. Product. Carbon fibre Stainless steel yarn. Add to basket.

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 carbon fiber brushes - amstat industries
Carbon Fiber Brushes (anti-static brushes) are highly efficient industrial static eliminators that can be used as contact or non-contact devices. The processing of webs of many material tends to create static charges on their surfaces. These charges attract dust and particulate contamination, causing handling problems and can even shock operators.

 spazzole antistatiche lineari - linear antistatic brushes
nels. The brush needs to be earthed and is effective at 5/10 mm distance from the material. Cause his typical characteristic, antistatic brush is able to work in danger fires area (Atex). Dati Tecnici - Data sheets SL SL SLM SLM SLE Sistema Passivo - Passive System SPAZZOLE ANTISTATICHE LINEARI - Linear Antistatic Brushes 9 9 9 9 9 6 6 6 6 ...

 strip brushes - spival
Spival produces linear and shaped strips for the most varied uses, from the production of shaped strips for cleaning accessories like combo nozzles to shaped strips for other industrial uses, with the possibility of having an infinite range of fibers, natural, metallic and synthetic, from horsehair to goat hair, tampico, to various plastic filam...

 sword brush® - wandres gmbh micro-cleaning
The linear brush is flexibly bedded on a pressure buffer. The pressure buffer is regulated via compressed air and ensures that brush filaments constantly assume a vertical position, even in relation to uneven surfaces, therefore maintaining a constant wiping pressure on the surface. This guarantees premium cleaning results. Service

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