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 antistatic brush - koti | en - industrial and technical brushes
Antistatic brush Reduce static build up on material handling processes without damaging sensitive or delicate surfaces. Available from stock or tailored to your application Available as a strip or brush connector Maximum discharge of static charge Filling material has little or no wear and does not scratch High-grade aluminium brush core

 industrial brushes for many applications - industrial brushes
Linear antistatic brushes as punched strip with aluminum, brass, cupper and inox base and brass, inox, brass coated steel and tempered steel wires. Thanks to the good conductivity of the metal wires and of the base, electrostatic charges are drastically reduced.

 sistemi antistatici antistatic system
It consists of carbon fibre brushes connected with the earth of the machine and therefore they do not need any feeder. It is made the best of the great characteristic of the carbon fibre, that is to conduct (and to attract) the power and to keep its properties unchanged even after years of functioning.

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 plastic linear industrial brushes sealing strip
Plastic linear industrial brushes, PVC bodies. For sealing and insulation, covering slots, reducing noise and dirt. For industrial doors and machinery. They are also used to transport, guide and brake delicate objects. See models with fixing holes for easy installation. +34 93 026 80 51 +34 612 47 63 32 Description

 straight strip brushes | precision brush
We would define a straight brush as a linear brush that has filaments in a line with a width at the base of no more than about ½ inch. There are many choices in regards to brush width and many styles of brush to choose from, but the most popular and versatile of this style is a metal channel brush.

 custom antistatic systems - sistemi antistatici attivi e passivi
linear antistatic brushes; carbon antistatic brushes; self powered ionizing bars; Keywords most sought through our search engine in recent weeks: ionizing system for industry; flexible ionizing bars; flexible antistatic bars; Last Search Plugin 2.03. Cookies help us deliver our services.

 [solved] are anti-static brushes safe to use on pc circuitboards?
75. 11,340. 67. Jan 18, 2021. #3. I would not advise using anti static brushes on anything in a pc and in this particular case just take a look at how many items you are getting for such a small prices , they cant be very good quality for use on anything. This is what you need to do , get a can of air that is commonly known as an air duster and ...

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