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 linear antistatic brushes
linear antistatic brushes Linear Antistatic Brushes. Spazzola antistatica. Viene utilizzata in tutti i casi dove occorre scaricare elettrostaticamente superfici piane, come bobine di tessuto, plastica, film, lastre, pannelli. Richiede la sola messa a terra, efficace a 5/10 mm dal materiale.

 spazzole antistatiche lineari - linear antistatic brushes
nels. The brush needs to be earthed and is effective at 5/10 mm distance from the material. Cause his typical characteristic, antistatic brush is able to work in danger fires area (Atex). Dati Tecnici - Data sheets SL SL SLM SLM SLE Sistema Passivo - Passive System SPAZZOLE ANTISTATICHE LINEARI - Linear Antistatic Brushes 9 9 9 9 9 6 6 6 6 ...

 antistatic brushes - soldering & antistatic supplies | misumi
Antistatic brushes are tools that are used when removing contaminants such as dust and solder balls that adhere to printed circuit boards, small circuit boards, and the like in production processes or used when removing static electricity. They can remove fine dust and the like, so they are used as finishing brushes for circuit boards and the like.

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 antistatic brushes for manufacturers | electro static ...
Custom Static Control Brushes. Electro Static Technology, the world leader in passive static control solutions, solves industry challenges posed by static charges in many of today’s sophisticated machines from printers and copiers to sensitive medical equipment, aerospace systems, and automated electronics manufacturing equipment, process machines, kiosks, and many other applications.

 as one antistatic brushes | misumi
Shop AS ONE Antistatic Brushes at MISUMI. MISUMI offers FREE CAD download, short lead times and competitive pricing. Quote and order online today!

 antistatic carbon brush -
ANTISTATIC CARBON BRUSH. It's used everywhere to discharge static electricity from flat surfaces, like textile and plastic spool, film, plates, wood-panels. The brush needs to be earthing and is effective at 5/10 mm distance from material. The system consists of Carbon Brushes that are connected to the machine ground and therefore does not ...

 sword brush - wandres gmbh micro-cleaning
Micro-moistening of the brush filaments with Ingromat® antistatic cleaning agent. Cleaning of the product surface using brush cleaning technology, particles are absorbed by the brushes and conveyed to a suction system. Self-cleaning mechanism of the circulating linear brush performed by a rotating rack and compressed air nozzles.

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