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These static bars can also be provided with high-voltage connection at the end of the bars for series connection of ionizing units (daisy-chain units end to end) or without HV-cable, suitable for connection of a flexible, separate high-voltage cable with elbows or tees – a variety of systems to “minimize” the need for excessive cable and extra power supplies, a significant advantage over ...

 ionising bars - dc ionising bars - static control products
Ionising Bars. Meech DC Ionising Bars are powered by either a 24V integrated Power Supply (IPS) or from an external DC Power supply. Included is the powerful and flexible Hyperion Range, packed with features the Hyperion range of Ionising bars have been developed for today’s modern, fast moving equipment.

 ionizing bars (aerobars) - cesstech
Ionizing Bars (Aerobars) The Simco-Ion range of aerobars are designed to control static charge in mini-environments, clean air devices and workstations and come in various lengths and configurations with an option for different types of emitter points. Model 5225S. StandAlone Digital Aerobar (In Tool Application, Pulsed DC/Steady State) – Ion ...

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 ionizing bars | mcmaster-carr
Also known as ionizing bars, these bars remove static from moving materials on conveyors and assembly lines where there is little or no air movement. Mount bars 1" to 7" from the material. Do not mount directly over metal parts or rollers; the metal will absorb the ion charge and reduce the effectiveness of the bar.. Power supplies are required and can operate up to two static-eliminating bars.

 ion (ionizing) bar eliminates static charge haug ei sl
The flexible coaxially shielded cable is used to connect the ionizing bar to the voltage supply source. Applications. Today, HAUG ionizing bars are indispensable to the packaging, film/foil, printing and textile industries as well as for many other industrial applications.

 general purpose air ionizing bars - simco-ion
General Purpose Ionizing Bars. Simco-Ion's ionizing bars are designed to control static charge in mini-environments, laminar flow hoods and workstations. Ionizing bars feature unique aerodynamic design that ionizes a local area without disrupting laminar flow. Installation is fast. Output and balance can be adjusted at each ionizing bar.

 gen4 ionizing bar - static eliminators - products
EXAIR’s Gen4® Ionizing Bar requires no compressed air and eliminates static electricity on surfaces within 4" (102mm) of the bar. The electrically powered Gen4 Ionizing Bar is compact, allowing it to fit in the confined spaces of machinery, where the charge is generated. They are ideal for surfaces which cannot be disrupted by airflow.

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