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The anti-static bars consist of a series of ionising emitter points powered by a high voltage power unit. The materials will no longer be attracted to each other or to the machine parts eliminating the dust attraction, explosions, fire hazards and electrical shocks to personnel caused by static discharge. Simco-Ion anti-static ionising bars are ...

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Anti Static Bars These anti static bars are highly effective in controlling static in operations that demand static control. Contact Us with your questions or for additional information. Sort By: sku: SB4203 4203 Mini Ionizing Bar $649.00 Add to Cart Compare sku: EX1250 EX1250 Compare sku: 2U500 RAIL-2 Linear Rail Ionizer $349.00 - $2,726.00

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Those ionizing antistatic bars are intended for the North American markets. Neutralize electrostatic charges over a working distance of 0 to 500 mm. Those ionizing and blowing antistatic bars are intended for the North American markets. OUR RANGE : Contact us ELCOWA s.a. 27 Rue de Ruelisheim F-68200 MULHOUSE – FRANCE +33 (0)3.89.573.573

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 how do anti static bars work?
An anti static bar has to be connected to a power source and supplied with a high voltage to make it work. No ions are formed and emitted from the emitter pins when the voltage passing through the bar is low. The voltage has to increase up to a certain threshold that is also known as the corona onset voltage or the Vonset.

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The Meech Model 915 AC Anti-Static Bar has been designed to meet the most arduous of static elimination problems, including those encountered in high speed web applications. The powerful performance of the Model 915 provides very fast decay times and effective ionisation up to distances of 150mm.

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Included is the powerful and flexible Hyperion Range, packed with features the Hyperion range of Ionising bars have been developed for today’s modern, fast moving equipment. If you have any questions regarding our dc ionising bars please call our Head Office on +44 (0)1993 706700 or fill in our contact form. Categories 924S Pulsed DC Ionising Bar

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Custom antistatic systems Our business is to solve electrostatic problems everywhere they happen Our work is built on direct contact with the customer and with the problem: we do not give generic solutions, but always specific advice on real practical problems. discover We execute personally surveys at the client’s location

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