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 flexible antistatic bars
static elimination easy! anti-static bars g Flexible, replaceable emitter holders g Removable support brackets g Removable end brackets g Removable side plates g Visual indications with multicolour LED’s on 4 sides g Universal mounting brackets g Patented technology g IQ version available with f.e. clean bar indication Product Specifications Static elimination Anti-static bars

 barre antistatiche - simco-ion
The antistatic bars come in different lengths that vary from 20cm up to more than 5 meters depending on the type. Also the housing of the static eliminators ranges from very small (24x27mm) up to larger sizes that allign with the working distance to the material. There are many different Industrial static eliminators and difference between them ...

 anti-static bar - all industrial manufacturers - videos
standard anti-static bar. SE-DCF-110-XXX. PulsedDC Antistatic Bar (11kV) for Long Range Ionisation with 24VDC Supply • 24 VDC supply, no high voltage transformer needed. • Excellence ionisation performance thanks to pulsedDC design • High ...

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 ip66 anti-static bar - all industrial manufacturers
IP66 anti-static bar ABSL-RC-DE. pulsed DC. IP66 anti-static bar. ABSL-RC-DE. The antistatic bars ABSL -RC-DE (shockless) we produce can be used in many sectors, such as textile manufacturing, paper, plastics, printing, in converting, packaging etc. The anti - static ... Compare this product Remove from comparison tool.

 anti-static bars - vortex italia
MEJ anti-static bars are often used on production machines were short range ionisation is possibleand where no moving machine parts are interfering the ionisation.The properties of this SIMCO

 how do anti static bars work? - anti static, electrostatic ...
Anti static bars, also known as static eliminators or static bars, are conductive devices that allow you to discharge or remove accumulated electrostatic energy from various kinds of materials. Not only does it facilitate the discharge of the energy, but it also goes a long way in preventing the buildup of electrostatic charge in the first place as it dampens it down.

 : 915 anti-static bar – ionising bars – static control ...
915 Anti-Static Bar. Product Code: 915 Fast and powerful static control for high speed applications. The Meech Model 915 AC Anti-Static Bar has been designed to meet the most arduous of static elimination problems, including those encountered in high speed web applications.

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