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Electrostatic charge is generated during the handling and processing of liquids by a mechanism known as double-layer charging. Double-layer charging can occur at liquid-solid and liquid-liquid interfaces. Ions of similar polarity are adsorbed at the interface. More results: causes of electrostatic charging generation - ikeuchi

 10.3: polar covalent bonds and electrostatic potential maps
The two idealized extremes of chemical bonding: (1) ionic bonding—in which one or more electrons are transferred completely from one atom to another, and the resulting ions are held together by purely electrostatic forces—and (2) covalent bonding, in which electrons are shared equally between two atoms.

 electrostatic charge - an overview | sciencedirect topics
Electrostatic charge represents an excess or deficiency of electrons on the particle surface. This charge may be assumed to reside on the particle surface in an absorbed gas or moisture film. Mechanisms which produce natural charge on particle surfaces are shown in Figure 2.

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 sistemi antistatici attivi e passivi
Custom antistatic systems Our business is to solve electrostatic problems everywhere they happen Our work is built on direct contact with the customer and with the problem: we do not give generic solutions, but always specific advice on real practical problems. discover We execute personally surveys at the client’s location

 sistemi antistatici attivi e passivi
Electrostatic discharge is a natural phenomenon that happen in dielectric materials , when subjected to friction with other one, compression , streching. It is a high voltage voltaic bow, between a dielectric surface anso ne metallic point. Normally it is measured with a specific instrument in KV (kilovolt) to distance of one inch.

 charge polarity-dependent ion-insertion asymmetry during ...
the current in the oxidative wave comprises of currents arising out of reversible processes such as charging of the electrostatic double layer (edl) at the polymer/electrolyte interface and ion...

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RPO ELECTRONIC RPO electronic, disposes the full range of antistatic systems and grounded on his long experience and knowhow is oriented to be a professional company in electrostatic field . RPO story RPO electronic borned in year 1991, starting in production of Antistatic Brushes.

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