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 antistatic brushes - mink bürsten
That’s because Mink antistatic brushes consist of an aluminium body with carbon fibre or ultra-fine stainless steel wire bristles. Electrostatic charge is safely passed from the tips of the conductive bristles to the metal brush body. Charge is dissipated in a carefully controlled manner, preventing high voltages from building up.

 antistatic brushes with carbon fibre or stainless steel yarn
We offer antistatic brushes with carbon fibre or stainless steel yarn. The stainless steel yarn consists of stainless chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel. The fine stainless steel filaments are twisted to a yarn. This yarn has high resistance to abrasion, even when subjected to continuous mechanical load. The standard type AB10 is available from stock.

 electrostatic dischargers, antistatic brush and electrostatic brush ...
Dimensions: 124x24x64 mm. Weight 175 gr. It comes complete with a rigid plastic case, ground cable, instructions for use and calibration certificate. ANTI-STATIC TINSEL ART. 303 Made with 100% copper. It is an economical and effective product to be used where it is not possible to set up the rigid discharger art. H 18 C.

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 puls electronic
ANTISTATIC CARBON BRUSH 3 KDA75 00 Serais Puls Anti Static Carbon Brushes, as a passive static ionizer, is made of nano carbon fibers to propose effective solutions that can easily be adapted to many different applications.

 the 4 best record-cleaning brushes - bustle
A Record-Cleaning Kit That Comes With Two Kinds Of Brushes: KAIU 5-in-1 Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit An Ergonomic Brush With Soft Carbon Fiber Bristles: Facmogu LP Cleaning Brush An...

 boundless audio stylus cleaner brush - carbon fiber anti-static stylus ...
Boundless Audio Stylus Cleaner Brush - Carbon Fiber Anti-Static Stylus Brush for Turntable Needle Cleaning. Static-free playback — With over 24k premium quality carbon fiber bristles and a specially painted grey color handle, our turntable stylus brush is truly electrically conductive, and therefore reduces static.

 best record cleaning kit (complete guide with 7 reviews)
The Retro Musique LP cleaning kit features a unique carbon fiber brush that eliminates any static charge and dust particles, a fluid, microfiber cloth, and wet wipes to make it squeaky clean. This is one of the most complete kits on the market, with everything you need to maintain your records in perfect condition.

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