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RPO electronic, disposes the full range of antistatic systems and grounded on his long experience and knowhow is oriented to be a professional company in electrostatic field.

RPO story

RPO electronic borned in year 1991, starting in production of Antistatic Brushes. At that time(beginning), Antistatic Brushes were unknow for most italians manufactures and often customers looks distrust the brushes. Proud and sure about efficienty and validity concerning passive system, RPO introduced Carbon Brushes in larges industrial area, like plastic film extrusion, printing films, textile and papier machines, everytime RPO offered engineering and suggested best solution about own knowledge and experience. To complete antistatic range products, when a long work distance from material is necessary and Antistatic Brushes are not able to do it, in year 1997 RPO start to produce Ionizing Bars and systems.

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