Caricatori elettrostatici

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Electrostatic chargers

Electrostatic charger generate a high voltage load , in positive or negative sign, in order to obtain a temporary adhesion between two dielectric foldiers. This operation is appreciate in case you need to maintain two materials together for few seconds , before to have a further operation.

Electrostatic charger works connected with a charging bar, ionizing head, border fixing. Follow there is products description.

Ionizing Head TXX-9P

It is a Head in 50mm diametrs, where 9 pins are located and are high voltage supplied from the charger. In this way, it obtain a strong ionizing effect ,concentreded in a minimal square surface. It get a good result until 10 – 15 cm distance from material that you are charging.

Charging bar BRC-FT

Charging bar is in lenght of the same width of material that you are going to charge. In this way it guarantees a perfect adhesion in each point of material width in order to obtain a “flat effect” along the film. Charging bars are recommended to positioning together two films, laminated, sheets and flat materials in production cycle.

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