Charge ridding and monitoring

The electrostatic charge can be seen as a problem to be eliminated to allow for a better production process, or if generated by a purpose built electrostatic charger, can be seen as a valuable resource to achieve positive results with operations that would be only possible with complicated mechanical devices. In both cases the correct choice of the product helps to reduce working time and in some cases also result in an improvement in the quality of the finished product.

Antistatic products are divided in PASSIVE and ACTIVE: the first kind (antistatic brushes) doesn’t require any external power source, it attract electrostatic energy from the material discharging it towards earth. Active products are characterized by a power supply and have the capability to get rid of electrostatic charge with a ionizing flux or can also temporarily charge a material for a temporary adhesion effect necessary in some production lines. Discover the various systems by clicking in the squares below.

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