antistatic system
When electrostatic charge is an ally: contactless temporary adhesion

Electrostatic chargers CRC 20 and CRC 40
Differing from our other products, these chargers generate static charge; this allow create temporary adhesion between dielectric materials, like plastic film, and the production plan or drum so to achieve a perfect treatment. These chargers can operate through a bar, a head, or flange depending on the application.

9-P ionizing head
The 9-P ionizing head behaves like a powerful ionizing bar as if powered by the bipolar CRC 20 Plus charger, it allow for the production of negative and positive ions at 20KV through the 9 pins arranged in two concentric crowns. BRC-FT charging bar

BRC-FT bar
The BRC-FT bar works with both the CRC 20 and CRC 40 chargers; it is a compact unit with cursors sliding along the bar itself allowing for mounting of the head in 4 different angles. The linking cable to the charger is available separately; and has different insulators depending on which charger is being used (CRC 20 or CRC 40) and has a probe and a connector for linking it to the system.

B1 and B2 flange
B1 and B2 flanges are necessary during the extrusion of plastic films and in particular in CAST systems with flat head detrusors, for fixing on metallic drum “C-Roll” on the edges of the film itself so as to not influence the width of the film.

TCM Command Keyboard
The TCM Command Keyboard is necessary if using the CRC 20 Plus charger, as it allows the regulation of the output voltage from 4 to 20KV and balancing negative and positive ions. Different keyboards are available depending on the intended use of the charger.

Main use of these devices are in the packing and furniture industries particularly the production of shutters.


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